Jerry Payne


Jerry Payne

Jerry Payne has always been a no-nonsense kind of guy with a soft spot for people in pain or crisis. He should know about pain, sacrifice and crisis. At the time, he was the youngest commissioned Army Officer at the young age of 18 during the Vietnam War.

Jerry re-entered the civilian life but was never far from his fellow country men and women of the armed services. After establishing the 17th largest insurance company in the nation, Jerry returned to the military as a civilian when he was appointed to the board of directors of the USO Entertainment. Jerry turned the San Diego USO into the Nation’s number one USO. Part of Jerry’s duties included producing over 300 concerts and several films such as The Marshall and the Lady. Jerry has worked with notable film industry giant Lange Elliot, founder of Tri-Star Pictures.

Jerry was driven to provide the best entertainment available both here in the States and abroad. Some of the big name artists that have worked with Jerry in support of the USEF are: Jeff Baxter, Dave Mustaine, Kerry King, Jerry Donahue, Carmine Appice, Aaron Tippin, Bob Barker and many more.

Jerry received the coveted Veteran of the Year award as part of President Bill Clinton’s National search for the veteran who had done the most for his country after getting out of his/her military service. General Westmorland was the Chairman of the Blue Ribbon panel. Jerry was also appointed to the Presidential Business Commission by President Bush and was one of the winners of Business Man of the Year.

After this, Jerry founded the (USEF) United States Entertainment Force, a 501c3 non-profit organization. The mission of the USEF is to use entertainment to embrace creativity, hope, social interaction and promote personal growth… We strive to be a part of the change and part of the solution in improving the lives of children and their families. Jerry is based out of Fresno, CA. and is the creative mind behind the Hopes & Dreams project. He collaborated with Tim Bragaw, President and CEO of Filmic Storyworks, Inc., an independent film company, and Scott Seargeant, a marketing entrepreneur, to put the project into motion and make it a reality.

The Hopes and Dreams Project is a multi faceted reach out program to children with life threatening diseases or military kids in stress. We use the Arts as our medium to communicate honestly with our children. Thru film we are able to get the trust from these children who are suffering and confused. Due to the nature of film and participating as an Artist in the project and our sincerity, dedication, caring, and experiences our children are able and willing to discuss their problems so that they can concentrate on their future in film or anything else being we have now opened their minds to the future and to their Hopes and Dreams.



Hello this is Jerry Payne President of the United States Entertainment Force. I have spent over 19 years working with children and their families in providing a positive platform and resources so that a more loving family environment can exist. The USEF has always strived to be part of the change and part of the solution in improving the lives of children and their parents.

It is with this thought in mind that I approached my friend Tim Bragaw who owns and produces episodic short films with his film company, Filmic Storyworks. Tim had also spent 16 years in education working with kids as a Teacher and Mentor. I knew that he would be interested in doing whatever it takes to help the American Family. After concentrated collaboration between our two companies, a successful nonprofit and a busy and exciting film company, we have partnered to create the Hopes and Dreams Project.

With all of our children there are times in their lives that become very difficult and some children more so then others. Be it a serious illness, stress from divorce, loss of a parent, a parent serving overseas, or a parent coming home from war with serious mental issues, we must be there to understand what they are feeling and provide caring and loving solutions to their serious problems.

We are being told that the stress of having their world so abruptly disturbed impacts children with effects lasting far into adulthood. These effects can impact generations, according to the American Association of Pediatricians. The most disturbing effects of these problems include higher rates of drug use, poor school performance, earlier sexual activity, and increased episodes of criminal activity. They report that distracting your child or refocusing him or her can work wonders. When left to stew about hurt and anger and confusion, the feelings often get more developed. An activity that involves concentration, imagination, and laughter will provide a welcome relief to an endless symphony of mental onslaught.

These are the reasons we developed the Hopes and Dreams Project to utilize the Arts to foster success with a loving and caring hands up partnered with personal counseling which is a major part of our program, creates a huge winner for our Kids. By using Film and the Arts we are able to break the barriers that are put up by our children when they find themselves convoluted with serious problems. We direct our help in a trusting way that goes to the very core of their sorrow, despair, anger, and confusion. It is the nature of film that opens people’s minds to imagination and creates dreams of excitement, laughter, and social interaction. We find that it is so much easier to gain the trust of these children after they have experienced the benefits and personal growth of the Hopes and Dreams Project. Trust is so important to have before and counseling can ever become effective. With your support and Community support we are changing lives and creating dreams of Hope. Please help us help the children, your donation will go to changing their lives and providing real hope for those who might see themselves without any!

Jerry Payne